Battle for the Light

Eladrins Mom

The throwing axe of JUSTICE



In Fallcrest we came across someone one of us knew. Well, the one who knew him was gone at the time, but that doesn’t matter. It was Caelis’ teacher and master in the arts of magic. He told gave us some inside knowledge of our quest. We were apparently heroes who should save the world. Child’s play, I’d say. A few people apparently hid some ancient powers so that people would not be able to find them, since when someone gathered all the powers… well, he’d probably be unstoppable.
This was not the only information we got; Eladrin also got some info that would be of use. The symbol on an amulet he found when his parents were abducted by evildoers led to a sect in Hammerfast.

So, of course we went to Hammerfast, like anyone would do to avenge his parents, anyone meaning mostly ME. We were in Hammerfast and decided to ask around if weird shit had been happening. Stuff was stolen from the market by weird people in cloaks wearing the same amulets. Coincidence?! I THINK NOT (as was proven later). We waited on the market and found such a weird cloaked person. He obviously stole something and tried to get away. No surprise that we ran after him, however, he got away and fled out of the city. After following his tracks for a long time we lost him.
We also heard something about people missing and that having something to do with those weird, cloaked, wizard guys.

We went to search for a black market and surprisingly found one easily. A few people were gathered there. 1 of which was a weird cloaked person (a mage). We made a talk and after some amazing bluff techniques by Eladrin he agreed to take Eladrin on one of his trips to sell of his stolen junk.

The next day Eladrin met up with cloaky and went to a deal, saw how it worked and told them he wanted to meet up next time to buy some of their stuff, since he did not have any money at the time. Again, he surprisingly agreed on it.

A few days later he made a trip, however, this time we were following Eladrin and Cloaky to make sure nothing happened. They talked a bit and sold some stuff, however, since in the end it was an ambush by us, we wanted to end the idle talk.
(Not only that, Eladrin was getting bored too.)
Eladrin threw a throwing axe RIGHT IN THE FACE OF THE SALESMAN!! CRITICAL!! He almost died there on the spot. At that moment we dove into the fight and helped him. The fight was ended with ease after the mage salesman was killed in just 1 hit and an axe to the face. We asked where their hideout was and asked if there was an easy way in. There were mines and 1 tunnel had access to their basement.

So what happened after that? We went home and asked the mayor to help with this wizard sect. Of course they agreed since it were their people who were getting abducted. The next morning an army of 100 people was prepared for us to kill off the wizards. We made plans of attack next to the hill of their hideout and decided that the best course of action was a diversion.
A part of the soldiers went for a frontal attack and a few others (and a few of us) decided to take the route via the mine and attack them from within. We went into the mine into their basement and at that moment the frontal attack began. In the basement all the abducted people were grouped together with 1 guard on lookout. We killed him in an instant and decided to get the abducted people to flee via the mine. The mine, however, was dangerous and thus me (Shedinn) and Aelar went with them. We found sleeping bugbears and tried to kill them all in 1 go. This didnt go well so we fought and killed a few. A few of the people we tried to save died too unfortunately, but war is costly. In the end we fled and saved 23 of 30 people. Morthos was ruled out from killing the leader of the group by some mysterious force when he went upstairs into the hideout together with Eladrin and Lia. They started a fight with the leader, however he was pretty damn strong and almost killed them. Eladrin and Lia both were lying half-dead on the ground. At that moment Morthos remembered the object we got from the elves we met. Teleport people in close proximity to any place you can think of and that is exactly what he did. Eladrin and Lia were teleported to the entrance of the cave together with himself where we came running out of the tunnel. I healed Lia, who in turn healed Eladrin. After the people were brought to safety we went for the kill on the leader of the sect. We killed him. And to our surprise, who was there? Eladrins mother. She was saved, the sect was killed off and the battle was one.

We came, we saw, we killed em all.



Nee, Engels is goed genoeg ;)

Eladrins Mom

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